1.  How to tackle change as a structured process?


Do we really get the feeling we are in need of change… do we truly understand that change is necessary? As the individual team members responsible for an organisation, it is crucial for all members to become fully aligned with each other. Without an aligned vision for the future the change is doomed to fail.


With every change people ask themselves what the impact will be on their own performance. This is why it is important to translate the change beforehand to make it understandable to the organisation and to provide transparency about it to those involved.


Say what you do… do what you say! Many organisations start right away with carrying out acts – doing things without aligning and translating first … which leads to frustration if results are not obtained.


Measurement is the key to knowledge. Changes do not occur spontaneously and/or in the right direction. Change in itself is insufficient. In order to find out if we are moving in the right direction, we ‘monitor’ the process of change.